Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Partial Success?

Inspired by The Penny Parlor, I decided to try and monogram a few chargers. My mom, who hates to do anything crafty, even wanted in on this idea so we started with hers. After finally agreeing on a letter size and font, we bought a set of stencils and a couple of chargers (only $1.50 ea). I think the "B" turned out quite nicely! I was excited at how easily and quickly we accomplished hers so when I set out to do mine today I, of course, wanted to try something new and maybe a bit more difficult. I decided to stencil my "Z" onto Christmas themed paper and then mod podge it onto my charger. I had never used m-p before and I learned a valuable (and quite obvious) lesson. When paper is coated with m-p it is wet and when paper is wet it tears. I tried my best to salvage it and I am still working on a solution because I think, in theory, this will look really great.

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