Thursday, August 15, 2013

Pantry Redo

When we first moved into our home, I was really excited to have a walk-in pantry. Our house had been a foreclosure and the pantry was proof just another area we needed to work on. It was missing a door and had old nasty contact paper lining every shelf. I wish I had a picture, but who has time to snap pics when you are trying your best to make a house liveable in a matter of days? We stripped the paper, cleaned the shelves, and began to fill it with stuff. A year later, we were still planning a door solution. The location of the pantry and the refrigerator (which is a built-in space surrounded by cabinets) didn't allow for a basic door. We looked at special ordering but never fell in love with anything. I have a beautifully generous and creative friend that said "someone gave me an old carriage door that you could have!" So, we began searching pinterest for ways to make this door work. It is 84 inches tall and quite large. I finally found a tutorial that suggested using electrical conduit and casters. WAY less expensive than buying a track. Before we hung the door, we needed to de-clutter the pantry, recover the shelves and put a system in place that make the massive shelves useful. Warning--- what you are about to see may disturb well organized people. Brace yourself. 

 This is the panoramic shot of how my pantry junk exploded throughout my kitchen. Because I didn't think to get a shot of how bad the pantry really was.

 This picture was after I had started the cleaning out, shelf covering, organizing process. The top shelf became a catch-all for party supplies and such. Don't judge me. I may or may not buy things for the kids' parties months in advance.

These pictures are before Andy, my sweet husband, had added drywall and finished the door way. He had to remove the old door frame so the new door could sit flush on the wall. 

Now for the door... 

We still have plans to take down the ugly florescent light and add a chandelier that would be seen through the glass. I think that would finish it off perfectly!!!!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Labor of Love

When we purchased our house last June, I had roughly 2 months until my due date with our 3rd child. I knew I wanted an amazing nursery so I did the rational thing and went to Project Nursery to find inspiration. I found a room here that I loved but when I found the bedding on etsy I about died at the price. Hello, I am cheap! I decided I needed to learn to sew something besides a cute fabric onto an existing burp cloth... why not make my own crib bedding. It can't be THAT hard! Right?!?! Let's just say it was a labor of love--- emphasis on labor. Not only did I need that bedding, I saw a wall on pinterest that I wanted to recreate. LandeeSee had a really amazing entry way makeover that I found very inspiring. And it seemed like a rational idea to cut a shape from cardboard, trace it a bajillion times, and then paint it up at 8 months pregnant! Luckily, I have a friend that loves me enough to do the painting over my pencil lines. Thank you, Anne! The nursery may be my favorite room in the house (even though in these pictures it wasn't 100% complete).

This is a better view of the wall and the Easter dress I made. More on that later! 

Friday, August 9, 2013

Six year old and a Spa Party

My sweet little girl turned 6 on Valentines Day. Anyone that knows her would certainly say she is incredibly loving and ALL girl! After she scanned pinterest with me one night, she decided she wanted a spa birthday party. Who could blame her? It sounded perfectly girly and fun! So, I began creating what turned out to be a party she so enjoyed! I knew I wanted to have the girls all make a pair of flip flops to take home. I bought fabrics that coordinated with our party colors and cut them into strips for each girl to tie onto white flip flops. Luckily, target had some perfect bins in their dollar section (am I the only one that simply can NOT walk by that without stopping and finding something I can't live without??) and I grabbed enough for each guest to have one. I then used my cricut to monogram each one and filled it with little goodies. I found the monogrammed mats over at For Chic Sake and decided to print and laminate them so each girl had a little nail-painting mat. They loved having everything personalized for them! Here are some pictures of my sweet girl's party.

I'm baaaaaack

Clearly I am horrible about keeping up my blog! Here goes my attempt to keep it up! I have started a new business called Remmy & Co where all of my pinterest dreams come to life...  Well, most of my pinterest dreams. There are things I pin that, if I am being honest, I will never ever do. Instead of blowing this blog up with every project I have done in the last several months today, I will start with today's little project---- drum roll please----- The burlap passport cover! My sweet cousin is going to Spain in a few weeks (and I am not jealous at all because that wouldn't be nice) and she wanted something to carry her stamped up travel book! I, of course, wanted to make her dream a reality and started searching the web for tutorials. I found a good one at Handmade is better and after a few attempts and some sizing adjustments came up with this---
It is lined with the aqua chevron fabric seen in the background and I must say I am happy with how it turned out! If only I could fit inside and join her on her amazing adventure!