Saturday, September 21, 2013

Christmas in September?

I am not one to rush the holidays because then you miss the fun of Halloween and the FOOD of Thanksgiving trying to rush to December 25; only to wake up December 26 broke, exhausted, and a bit sad. But, I had to think ahead and create something fun for Christmas! Though I consider myself a Northerner disguised as a Midwesterner living in the Southern part of Indiana, which would probably classify me as a Southerner geographically (follow all of that?), I was born in good old Kentucky and a love of everything monogram runs in my veins. Naturally, that means I had to make monogrammed ornaments! Here is one version available for purchase at Remmy & Co. At $8, they make a great personalized gift for teachers, friends, and anyone with a soul. Many more versions to come!

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