Friday, August 9, 2013

Six year old and a Spa Party

My sweet little girl turned 6 on Valentines Day. Anyone that knows her would certainly say she is incredibly loving and ALL girl! After she scanned pinterest with me one night, she decided she wanted a spa birthday party. Who could blame her? It sounded perfectly girly and fun! So, I began creating what turned out to be a party she so enjoyed! I knew I wanted to have the girls all make a pair of flip flops to take home. I bought fabrics that coordinated with our party colors and cut them into strips for each girl to tie onto white flip flops. Luckily, target had some perfect bins in their dollar section (am I the only one that simply can NOT walk by that without stopping and finding something I can't live without??) and I grabbed enough for each guest to have one. I then used my cricut to monogram each one and filled it with little goodies. I found the monogrammed mats over at For Chic Sake and decided to print and laminate them so each girl had a little nail-painting mat. They loved having everything personalized for them! Here are some pictures of my sweet girl's party.

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  1. Oh my gosh, it looks AMAZING! You are so incredibly talented - well done!