Friday, October 11, 2013

Super(hero) Party

It amazes me how kids can become fixated on certain characters so easily. My oldest loves loves loves Princesses. Did I say loves... because I meant mildly (totally) obsessed. Last year, Cohen was a fan of Mickey and then he decided that he is half boy half hulk. I don't know what made him switch gears, but it meant I got to plan a super hero party so I was totally happy with it! Talk about an easy party to create. Primary colors and basic shapes all mixed and matched made for such a fun looking atmosphere! I started by browsing both Pinterest and Etsy for invitation ideas and eventually realized I would have to just attempt my own. It seemed like a city skyline was the way to go so I googled a picture and came up with my own version.
For the font, I went to my favorite font site ( where I can always find a fabulous FREE font --- I love free---- and downloaded one called ba da boom. It was so comic-bookish! Next up, I wanted to find some thrifty ways to have a perfect day. Lots of parties on pinterest had city buildings made of boxes. I wanted to do a photo booth with big boxes made into buildings, but our weather didn't cooperate for that to happen out doors. I purchased tissue paper ($1.24 per pack at Target aka my favorite place on earth) and a large yellow poster board and got to work. I used these boxes as the center piece and as cupcake stands etc. 
Then my friend, Taylor, told me about a big project board she was using to create a skyline for her son's birthday. I loved that idea so much. So, I went to Michael's and picked up a blue project board for a whopping $3 and a 2 pieces of black poster board for about $1.70. Using more of the yellow poster board, I made windows and then put the finished product in our fireplace cutout to start decorating the mantle. I bought a primary color pennant banner (.97 at walmart --- which I avoid at all costs normally) and borrowed my brother in law's comic book art for the weekend. I also used my cricut to make basic framed art that went with the theme in frames I already had. It was super cheap and easy. I think it made for a great center piece in the living room. 
I decided to do bubbles as the party favors (another great dollar store find) and wanted to create a label for them. That printable is featured for free here
An idea I loved but didn't execute well was making the kids lightning bolt crayons to take with them. I failed to remember goody bags (so frustrating!) and had to send some home in ziplocs. Haha. I grabbed the molds a few months ago and used a bag of old crayons to melt them down. I printed out a printable sign that said "POW" and put it around an existing glass vase I had to display them. Again, super cheap and easy! 

For their activity, each child made a mask. It suited both genders and a variety of ages. We really had a fun time! Here are some more pics of the day. Thanks for reading along! 

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